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The function of an air conditioner is to help remove the heat and humidity from inside the passenger compartment of the vehicle. Powered by a belt, the air conditioning compressor compresses the refrigerant to pressurize it and pump it through the system.


From the brake pedal to hydraulic brake fluid, brake master cylinder to power brake booster, drum brakes to disc brakes and electronic anti-lock brake sensors, our technicians know every part of your brake system inside and out and can perform brake repair on any make and model.

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There is no engine component more complex and essential than a car’s transmission. Transmissions are responsible for shifting gears (automatically or manually) to dynamically change the speed-torque ratio in order to deliver power to the wheels in an efficient manner based on the speed of the vehicle.

Corona Auto Repair Lalos Auto Repair in Corona has been providing complete auto repairs for clients living and working in Corona, Yorba Linda, Riverside, Chino Hills and surrounding Riverside County and Orange County cities. Offering complete personalized service and unique warranties the business has grown tremendously. Virtually all auto manufacturers such as Chevy, Ford, Honda Toyota, Mercedes, VW, Lexus, and Infinity among others are worked on daily. Auto repairs are performed by ASE certified master techs for a quick and accurate repair. Our clients benefit from our extensive benefits we offer in addition to the required auto repair.

AUTO REPAIR CORONA & YORBA LINDA Having multiple ASE certified master techs gives our clients from Corona and Yorba Linda the comfort in knowing their auto repairs are performed correctly the first time. Current auto repair service information and state of the art diagnostic tooling makes for a fast and efficient auto repair. Without the guess work, the repair is handled quickly and the vehicle is back to the client in the shortest possible time. This is especially critical when performing drivability diagnostics or electrical repairs. These complex systems require the knowledge and experience that Chapman Auto Repair provides.

CORONA AUTO REPAIR BENEFITS Lalo’s Auto Repair in Corona provides many benefits for their customers from Corona and surrounding Riverside County cities. Free car washes, fast internet connections in the waiting room, and room for the kids with a TV for a bit of entertainment. Lolos Auto Repair offers immediate shuttle service. The shuttle service is handled by a staff member to drive you to and from within 30 miles for your convenience. If you live in Corona, Yorba Linda, Villa Park, Chino Hills or nearby Orange County city, along with nearby Riverside County city. Sit back and enjoy a ride back home or to work while your auto repair is performed. Please give us a call with your auto repair questions or any automotive questions. And stop in to see us. We always have hot coffee in the waiting room and we look forward to seeing you soon. At Lalo’s Auto Repair located in Corona it’s always a pleasure to see you.